Xiaomi: Its Foldable Smartphone Seems To Have Changed Its Design

Xiaomi has long been a folding smartphone, but we haven’t seen much of it. A new patent seems to indicate the evolution of Xiaomi’s first concept, which is not unlike the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha.

The new trend in the premium segment is folding smartphones. In Europe, we are only enjoying the Samsung Galaxy Fold for the moment, but the Motorola Razr should soon be joining it.

In China, Huawei has also finally been able to release his Mate X, but his concerns with the American authorities mean that we won’t be able to taste it any time soon.

What about Xiaomi? The Chinese manufacturer quickly tased its own foldable smartphone, but it quickly became a chimera. At least we learned that the brand’s plan was to make us bend the smartphone twice.

Design Evolution For The Foldable Smartphone Xiaomi

The Dealntech site seems to have identified the filing of a new patent in China for a Xiaomi folding device, which was published on November 1.

And it seems to be consistent with the manufacturer’s vision, by offering us an overview of the evolution of Xiaomi’s idea from prototype to smartphone, which seems ready to be produced.

As you can see, and contrary to the concept shown so far, the smartphone would still fold into three… but the three parts would not be equal.

Quite the contrary: the last one would actually be used to accommodate a configuration with four photo sensors, which could be oriented towards oneself or towards the rear at leisure. This is a much more logical idea than the last Xiaomi patent we had seen so far.

So, when closed, Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone would look like this according to Dealntech. This is reminiscent of the lines of the latest Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha,

suggesting that at a minimum this patent will have led to its creation. Would the Mi Mix Alpha simply be a first step towards Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone?

We will always have to wait to find out. The Chinese manufacturer has remained very silent about his desire to create a smartphone like this, and we have not had any details about it.

Nevertheless, this latest patent reassures us of the practicality of this double-folded concept, which we look forward to seeing in action if it is proven.

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