Xiaomi Is Lagging Behind: The Global Dark Theme Will Arrive For All Phones with MIUI 12

An official from Xiaomi said that MIUI 12 will necessarily include a global dark theme. Good news to avoid burning your retina on some applications, but it shows that the difference between MIUI and Android is still a problem.

The dark theme in 2019 has become omnipresent on our smartphones and other websites. Among other things,

it saves battery power for smartphones with OLED panels and avoids being dazzled by excessively bright areas of the screen when opening an application in the middle of the night.

With Android 10, Google has integrated a global dark theme into its operating system, which allows an indication to be sent to applications that will then align with the OS’s decision.

This is the case, for example, with Instagram, which does not allow you to force the dark mode on the application, but darkens its background when the system has activated its dark theme.

The Global Dark Theme To Come at Xiaomi

The integration of this feature remains for the moment at the discretion of the manufacturers and if it is already found on Pixels or OnePlus for example, this is not the case on all smartphones.

At Xiaomi for example, the dark theme is available since MIUI 10, but it was not global. Opening Instagram on a smartphone from the brand will reveal a pretty bright white background. Some smartphones on MIUI 11 are compatible, but not all.

However, an engineer of the firm stated on Weibo that the dark theme “system” will be completely available with MIUI 12, a version that will not be available until next year.

In his message, he also mentioned the alway-on display of MIUI 11 and pointed out that GIFs are not played back in a loop in order to avoid that the functionality consumes too much energy.

Is Xiaomi Lagging Behind?

At one time, MIUI was a reference interface for a large number of users. While it clearly marked its difference from the Android developed by Google, it also innovated a lot with features that then arrived on the Google system or from other manufacturers.

Over the past few years, Xiaomi has nevertheless lost this lead and seems to be regularly running after its delay, as here.

Of course, some smartphones on MIUI 11 can already enjoy the global dark theme, but the difference between the version of MIUI and that of Android causes some disappointment for consumers.

Indeed, many have received the update to MIUI 11, but under Version 9 of Android, so they do not have access to this new product. It will therefore be necessary to wait until MIUI 12 for all smartphones of the brand to benefit from it.



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