xCloud: Xbox Scarlett Will Replace The Xbox One S In Data Center

xCloud’s servers are designed to evolve. With the release of the Xbox Scarlett, Microsoft’s cloud gaming should align with the power of the new console.

The cloud gaming war is on. PlayStation Now, GeForce Now, Shadow (cloud computing) and now Google Stadia and xCloud are just a few of the offers that will try to replace our consoles and even our PCs to offer a new gaming experience.

To achieve this, several arguments will be carefully examined by players, whether it is the price, the stability of the servers or the quality of the game rendering.

For this last point, the scalability of the solutions will make it possible to regularly change the game and Microsoft has understood this well by already promising an evolution of its servers with the arrival of the Xbox Scarlett.

From Xbox One S To Xbox Scarlett

Currently in beta, xCloud is now hosted in Microsoft’s data centers. The servers used, on the other hand, are particularly designed for gaming,

since the Redmond firm explained that it had dismantled Xbox One S to use them as a graphics computing unit in dedicated racks.

Thus, the service is currently based on this aging architecture, but it will obviously not stop there. As expected, Microsoft has confirmed to Stevivor that xCloud will match the performance of the Xbox Scarlett, the future console to come in 2020.

Kareem Choudhry, Microsoft’s vice president of cloud gaming, said, “We designed Scarlett with the cloud in mind, and as our console family evolves with this new generation, the cloud will evolve with it”.

Difference Between Rendering and Video Streaming

Two points will be important to flatter the players’ retinas: the quality of the game rendering and the quality of the flow. As we saw with Stadia, the difference is not obvious to some people, and yet it is significant.

With cloud gaming, games are run on dedicated machines in data centers, and the video stream is then sent to the user’s device.

Thus, a game with a 720p or less rendering can be sent as a 4K video stream. A trick that can be misleading in some cases, but that would obviously not fool the most demanding players.

To get the best possible result, the various players will have to change their configurations, as Shadow has done with its new offers, for example, and as Microsoft will do by replacing its modified Xbox One S… with modified Scarlett.

This new war of “dematerialized consoles” is already shaping up to be exciting.

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