With Airpods And An Iphone, You Can Spy On A Remote Room

With AirPods and an iPhone, you can easily spy on everything in the room next door. To remotely listen to everything that happens or be said, just activate an option and discreetly leave your smartphone in the chosen place. Be careful, the walls have ears.

Apple has integrated an option called “real-time listening” into its iPhone. Aimed at users who have a disability and wear a hearing aid, the feature will use the microphones of the smartphone to improve sound rendering.

Thus, if you go into a noisy place, the hearing aid, wirelessly connected to the iPhone, will be able to rely on the sounds perceived by the phone.

“Apple has worked with leading manufacturers in the industry to create hearing aids and audio processors specifically designed for the iPhone and iPad,” says the US firm on its website.

Not surprisingly, the option is reserved for a handful of compatible hearing aids. It also works with AirPods. Thus, a hearing-impaired person can use his headphones as a hearing aid.

By Diverting An Option From The Airpods And The Iphone, You Can Easily Spy On Those Around You

In early January, a US Internet user realized that this option could easily be diverted from its original purpose. For this, just bring a pair of AirPods, the brand’s successful wireless headphones, and an iPhone under iOS 12.

How to use your AirPods to spy on a room:

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone
  • Go to Control Center
  • Then in Customize Orders
  • In the Other Orders section, add Audition
  • Return to the Home screen
  • Access the Control Center by sliding your finger up and down
  • Tap the Audition shortcut, represented by an ear icon
  • Activate Listen in real time

Once the option is activated, you must leave your iPhone in the room you want to spy on. The sound perceived by the microphones of the iPhone are automatically redirected to your AirPods.

You will hear all that is said in the room without being there. Be careful, this trick will work as long as you do not exceed a distance of 10-15 meters. Once this distance is exceeded, the Bluetooth connection may become impossible.

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