Windows 10X: Microsoft Wants To Make It an OS For Connected Objects

Microsoft wants to make Windows 10X the basis of its OS from which versions designed for different devices will emerge. The Redmond firm wants to make a place for itself on the market of connected objects with a modular OS. Smartwatches, connected speakers and monitors, business devices, everything should go through it.

Before the officialization of the Surface Duo and Neo, it was expected that Windows 10 Core OS, a multi-platform operating system, would be introduced as the basis for Windows 10 and other versions of the OS for different types of connected devices and objects.

Instead, Microsoft has formalized Windows 10X, the system that powers the Surface Duo, Neo and is also expected on other computers and tablets with flexible displays. It may in fact be that the system is the new core we were expecting.

Windows 10X is Windows CoreOS: Two Names For The Same System?

The confusion arose from a recruitment notice issued by Microsoft on Linkedin. The firm says it is looking for engineers to “design the next generation of the Windows 10X-based IoT operating system”. Microsoft refers to it as the base version of the next generation of Windows IoT. According to some observers, it is possible that the firm was wrong when it talked about Windows 10X instead of Windows CoreOS.

At the same time, logic would suggest that the X in the system name should actually be used to designate a variable. Everything would then be easier to explain because it would imply that the OS is designed to fit various devices.

Anyway, the main thing to remember is that Microsoft is obviously determined to accelerate things in the connected object market. The next generation of Windows IoT based on Windows 10X could be for connected wristbands and watches, speakers, connected thermostats, Smart Hub, etc.

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