Windows 10: Don’t Install This Fake Update, It Will Block All Your Data

An email has been circulating on the Web for a few days now: it proposes to download and install the Windows 10 update manually.

An email that does not contain at all the long-awaited system update, but actually redirects to a ransomware, which encrypts and blocks access to the user’s data.

It has been a week since the big update of Windows 10, the November 2019 Update, was officially deployed. In theory, the Windows Update module of Windows 10 takes care of everything, you have almost nothing to do.

However, this did not prevent some clever people from relying on the credulity of users. Thus, the SpiderLabs teams have just discovered a brand new threat: an email offers you to download an update of Windows 10.

Except that the link refers to a JPG file, which actually hides a malicious executable. Once installed on the computer, the malware encrypts the victim’s data and requires a certain amount of money to unlock it. Yes, this fake update of Windows 10 does contain a ransomware, or ransom software if you prefer.

Cyborg: Malware That Easily Generated but Difficult To Locate

The malware thus identified by SpiderLabs belongs to the so-called “Cyborg” family. Diana Lopera explains that “This ransomware can be created and distributed by anyone who grabs the generator,

It can be distributed using other themes and in different forms to avoid messaging detection tools. Hackers can create this ransomware in such a way that it uses a known file extension to mislead the infected user about his or her real identity”.

As usual, we recommend that you be extremely careful when clicking on a link in an email. Or to install an antivirus, in order to be safe.

Finally, last recommendation: in this case, it is not necessary to install any program to update Windows 10. This is normally detected and downloaded automatically.

If you want to push its installation, simply click on the Start menu, then go to Update and Security > Windows Update, and start an update search.

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