Turn Your Smartphone Into a Microscope With DIPLE, a Kickstarter Device

Launched as a participatory financing on Kickstarter, DIPLE transforms your smartphone into a real microscope that allows you to observe microorganisms, bacteria or even your own blood cells.

Kickstarter is overwhelmed with projects. Some will never see the light of day, others would do better never to succeed, and then there are promising projects, those that bring something concrete to specific markets. DIPLE clearly falls into this third category.

This smartphone box-sized accessory, says The Verge, transforms any smartphone (or even tablet) into a pocket microscope capable of three levels of native magnification (35x, 75x, and 150x).

Better still, by zooming in on the mobile, SmartMicroOptics (DIPLE manufacturer) ensures that it is possible to reach a magnification level of 1000, and this “before any pixellisation”. A zoom level that will however depend on the photo capabilities of the camera used.

Effectively Examine The Smallest 

The interest of DIPLE and to be able to replace a real microscope, by allowing to observe effectively organisms invisible to the naked eye, like bacteria or cells (you can find examples of organisms photographed thanks to DIPLE on the Instagram page of the product).

This is not the first time that SmartMicroOptics has tackled this type of accessory. In 2016, the manufacturer launched (already through a Kickstarter campaign) its BLIPS self-adhesive lenses for smartphones.

The latter were primarily aimed at macro photography and did not allow “scientific” observation of microorganisms.

The DIPLE kit allows a static and convincing microscopy thanks to a backlighting system (as on real microscope).

It should be noted that the accessory also makes it possible to easily use blades and lamellae, for the observation of samples prepared upstream.

As The Verge notes, DIPLE is far from being the only kit that can use a smartphone as an additional microscope, but it is already one of the most interesting and serious solutions.

In terms of price, the accessory is available from 36 euros. It is then necessary to be satisfied with a 35x zoom. The model with the three magnification levels (35x, 75x, and 150x) is available from 109 euros.

A price that gently brings it closer to real microscopes, equipped, for barely more expensive, with sometimes higher optical magnification levels. The price of originality?

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