The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Would Have a Small Notification Screen at The Front

Samsung has already announced its ambition to create a smartphone with a foldable screen in the form of a flap. We learn from the analysis of the code of One UI 2.0 that it would have a small notification screen once closed.

Where do foldable smartphones go? No one really knows. Manufacturers are testing several formats with small keys to see which one captures the interest of consumers.

Recently, the flap has come back into fashion thanks to Motorola and its new Razr. At Xiaomi, double folding is the order of the day.

At Huawei, the Mate X looks like a smartphone folding into a tablet. For Samsung and its Galaxy Fold, it is more like a tablet that can be closed into a smartphone.

Small Front Screen For The Galaxy Fold 2

But the Korean manufacturer will not stop there, and has already announced its ambition to create another folding smartphone with the same idea as the Razr: to bring the flap back into fashion. This is what is presumed to be the Galaxy Fold 2, which is expected to be announced in early 2020.

Today, we are learning a new thing about it: unlike the first model, it would not really be usable once closed.

Indeed, the code of One UI 2.0 was analyzed by Max Weinbach of XDA Developers, who was able to determine that Samsung’s flap smartphone would include a small notification screen when it is closed.

He discovered a charging animation for a device called “Bloom”, the code name of Samsung’s next folding smartphone, and it is also called “bloom_front” suggesting its appearance on the front panel of the device.

The size of this animation indicates the existence of a small external screen, a small rounded rectangle that would allow you to see your notifications quickly without opening your smartphone.

However, its size means that it can already be established that it would be difficult to do anything more in this area.

Note that a second charging animation exists in blue, which moves faster. It highlights the existence of a fast recharge, which Max Weinbach says is equal to or greater than 25W. this would be far better than the charge of the Galaxy Fold premier of the name, blocked at 10W.

Two Models To Come?

Is the flap now the future of Samsung folding smartphones? It seems difficult to determine that this next smartphone is really the “Galaxy Fold 2” as it stands, even if we use the name for ease of understanding.

The fact is that the most interesting form of the foldable smartphone remains to be determined, and that the first Galaxy Fold of the name already has its fans.

Also, it seems more likely that a giant like Samsung will try various shapes before stopping on one or two that he will support.

In which case, it is to be hoped that the manufacturer will announce both a classic successor to the first Galaxy Fold of the name and this new clamshell format at its next major conference.

Will 2020 be the year Samsung deploys such a large panel of folding smartphones? If the manufacturer has succeeded in integrating foldable glass screens, this last point could have given him the missing confidence to make such a big bet.

However, even on a conservative concept like the valve, the technology is still expensive to adapt and this is reflected in the final selling price.

The variety of offers therefore remains for the moment above all a hope, while waiting for mass production to make everything accessible.


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