Tesla Cyberquad: Discover Elon Musk’s Electric “One More Thing

In addition to his Cybertruck electric pickup truck, Elon Musk has let himself be tempted by a kind of “One more thing” like Steve Job by presenting a zero emission quad.

Tesla’s teams probably marked Friday, November 22 with a white stone, a day on which the Californian manufacturer presented one of the company’s most exciting projects to the world, according to Elon Musk.

This project is obviously the Cybertruck electric pickup truck. An idea that emerged about seven years ago in view of the undeniable success of this commercial vehicle in the United States.

Even More Cyber

You will have noticed for yourself: the aesthetic lines of the Cybertruck are not trivial. Quite the contrary. The group was inspired by the cyberpunk theme to imagine the look of this powerful four-wheel drive that can accommodate up to six people on board.

To discover in detail the three versions presented during the conference, with their respective characteristics, please visit this summary article.

Elon Musk also distinguished himself through another ad that resembled a “One more thing” by the late Steve Jobs: that of a zero emission quad soberly entitled Cyberquad.

Aesthetically, the latter obviously joins its big brother: horizontal light band as a headlight, very geometric shape, generally futuristic design.

The purpose of this machine is to nestle in the 1.98 metre long dumpster of the Cybertruck. Even better, the off-road vehicle will even have the opportunity to recharge itself during a journey thanks to the electrical outlets installed at the back of the pickup truck, Electrek tells us.

For the rest of the characteristics, patience will be required since no technical data sheet has been provided by the group.

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