Snapchat Launches a Filter To Age and Rejuvenate Itself Inspired By FaceApp

Snapchat wants to build on the success of FaceApp with a filter that allows you to change your age in real time and not from a photo.

Snapchat wants you to travel back in time with the machine learning. The application to the little yellow ghost deploys this Friday, November 21 a new filter called Time Machine that allows you to age or rejuvenate artificially in a few seconds with a rather convincing result.

Available with the latest update of the application, this feature is reminiscent of FaceApp, a Russian application that can age a face from a photo that has been a huge success in recent months.

Unlike FaceApp, whose terms of use and supposed links to the Kremlin had raised concerns, the Snapchat filter does not require uploading a photo and assigning its rights to the application’s publisher.

Time Machine works in real time, through the smartphone camera, in selfie mode or on another face, fixed or moving.

Simply sweep the cursor to age or rejuvenate gradually according to your desires. It is possible to capture the result in a photo or film the process in video.

Time Machine allows Snapchat to expand its range of filters a little more and to increase the loyalty of its 210 million daily users in the face of competition from Instagram, which has taken a lot of market share by copying selfactory filters and stories, its flagship features.

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