Samsung Galaxy A51 Will Be Equipped With a 5MP Macro Photo Sensor

We had already seen the new design of the upcoming Galaxy A51. Now we learn that one of his photo sensors is a 5 megapixel macro.

As tradition demands, Samsung will soon be renewing its mid-range offers early in the coming year. This year’s Galaxy A family was very good, so we expect a lot from them even if the prospect of subcontracting may be worrying.

The Samsung Galaxy A51, the successor to the Galaxy A50, has already begun to appear in the news. Thanks to leaks from OnLeaks, which also showed the future Galaxy A71, we were able to see a four-sensor photo configuration on the back of the smartphone.

5 MP Macro Sensor on The Galaxy A51

But what are these sensors? To do this, we are now turning to SamMobile. The site claims that one of its usual sources has indicated to it the capabilities of one of them.

The fourth sensor in the configuration would actually be a 5 megapixel sensor dedicated exclusively to macro photography.

As a reminder, it is a lens capable of photographing a subject very closely, allowing to recover a maximum of detail on small elements such as flowers, insects or a few grains of sand as an example.

Macrophotography on mobile phones has become increasingly popular with the emergence of ultra wide angle lenses that are naturally quite good in exercise. So it seems that for its next mid-range device, Samsung will put a little emphasis on practice.

For the rest, it is expected that the main sensor will be 48 megapixels, that an ultra-wide-angle 12 megapixels will also be integrated and that finally a 5 megapixel sensor will determine the depth of the scene.

However, we are waiting for Samsung’s official presentation to be sure of this, which should happen in the coming weeks.

The Best-Seller is Improving

As a reminder, the Samsung Galaxy A50 was launched at 350 euros at the beginning of the year, but quickly dropped in price to around 250 euros.

At this price, it has become one of the best in its category, and one of the best sellers of the moment for several months, rightly so.

We can therefore hope that Samsung will repeat this feat in 2020 by offering a quality Galaxy A51, with even more possibilities.

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