Samsung: Can Not Delete The Facebook App On Some Smartphones

Facebook had a busy year in 2018 with a lot of scandals and controversies. 2019 may well start on the same note, with new information revealed by Bloomberg.

An American photographer told US media on Tuesday that he recently discovered he could not remove the Facebook application from his Samsung Galaxy S8.

Nick Winke found that he could simply “disable” the application, installed automatically on Galaxy S8 and other smartphones.

At The Heart Of Trade Agreements

“This inevitably raises several questions. Can they always follow your information, your position or anything else? The photographer wonders. “We consumers should have a say in what we want or not on our devices. ”

A spokesman for the social network quickly responded, ensuring that even if it remained on the smartphone, the application, once disabled, did not record any information and did not communicate data to Facebook.

He said that the immutable presence of apps on some phones depended on commercial agreements between manufacturers and applications.

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