Plex Kodi’s Competitor Launches a Free Netflix with Thousands of Flms and Series

Plex announces the launch of its own streaming platform that takes its place in the now dense traffic of video-on-demand services. Unlike Netlix and others, this service is free of charge, but offers advertising in return.

No need to download another application. Thousands of films, series, documentaries and TV shows can be found directly in a new section of Plex on Android, iOS, Windows and on the web.

Plex is no longer content to be a reference Media Center, powerful and versatile like Kodi. The application’s editors have high ambitions in the field of multimedia entertainment. A new step has just been taken.

Plex becomes a streaming platform that plays on the same field as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney TV+ or Apple TV+. It’s starting to do a lot, you might say, but in this case there’s nothing to complain about since the service is completely free.

Plex: No Monthly Subscription for Its Streaming Service, but There Will Be Ads

This is one of the particularities of Plex’s new streaming service. Its free access is obtained at the cost of advertising within the application, which now has two main sections: one with your own collection of music, films, series, etc. and another that opens onto a VOD platform with “thousands of free films, television shows, extreme sports films, music documentaries, Bollywood musicals…” writes Plex in the release published on its website.

The advertisement will only be broadcast on the streaming platform and not in your personal video library. Plex explains how to use your existing collections to feed its recommendation system.

Your personal data will therefore be used to offer you relevant content according to your tastes. But to dispel any concerns about espionage and the transfer of your data, the company insists that “neither Plex nor any of our partners will have access to the content or metadata that our users have in their personal collections”.

Streaming is done in Full HD (1080p) quality. It is accessible with the Plex application on Android, iOS, Windows, but also on the web. The platform synchronizes your progress on all devices so that you can switch between them and resume where you left off, and finally, the catalogue will evolve. New ones will be added regularly.


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