OnePlus: The Data of Some Customers Have Leaked, The Brand Has An Explanation

OnePlus reports that data belonging to its customers has been accessed by an unauthorized person. Here are all the details of the case.

On its forums, OnePlus reported that a security breach has been identified in its database and that some of its customers’ information has been corrupted.

If you have already made a purchase on the brand’s shop, it is therefore important to be wary. Here is everything you need to know about this problem.

How Do I Know if My Data Is In The Field?

OnePlus claims that all customers whose data was accessed from outside were contacted by email to be notified of the problem.

If you have not already received an email from OnePlus, you should therefore be reassured, but still take a look at your inbox, including in spam, you never know.

Is My Banking Information Safe?

According to OnePlus, no bank data was stolen. The corrupted database contained names, phone numbers, emails and delivery addresses.

This does not mean, however, that you are perfectly safe. Indeed, this data can allow malicious minds to send phishing emails,

for example, in an attempt to extract information from you. If an email seems strange to you, do not open it and above all, do not click on any link.

What Happened and Can It Happen Again?

During system monitoring, OnePlus became aware that some data had been accessed by an unauthorized external person.

The brand claims to have immediately stopped the intruder and blocked the security breach used. In addition, the rest of the site was examined to see if another breach could exist.

OnePlus has contacted the authorities to investigate this intruder and reports that it has partnered with a security platform to strengthen its infrastructure.

In addition, a program will be launched in December to offer bonuses to those who discover vulnerabilities on the site.

Can OnePlus Still Be Trusted?

Unfortunately, a security breach quickly occurred and even the largest players can suffer. OnePlus’ shop is therefore no more to be feared than any other, especially since the manufacturer proves here its reactivity and the compartmentalization of its customers’ banking information.

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