Netflix: The Series And Movies To Watch This Weekend

Netflix offers new series and films every week. To help you choose what you will watch on the weekend, we offer you a small selection of the best new products of the moment. Let’s do it!

The Netflix catalogue is updated every week with several new products. To accommodate this new content, Netflix must also separate films and series each month.

Anyway, you will find below a handful of works that will tape you all weekend in front of your TV. To discover the best of the best in the catalogue, we advise you to consult our top 10 of the best Netflix films and our top 10 of the best Netflix series.

For the younger ones, take a look at our top 10 best cartoons on Netflix. If you are looking for something specific,

use the secret codes to access the hidden categories of Netflix. If you have already done a tour of the VOD service, we invite you to take a look at the Amazon Prime Video catalogue.

The Best Netflix Series To Watch This Weekend

The Crown – Season 3

In this eagerly awaited third season, the historical series traces the 1960s and 1970s from the point of view of English royalty, notably marked by the death of statesman Winston Churchill.

At the same time, the Queen of England will have to deal with the rise of a new Prime Minister. Highly documented and relevant, the series offers a new look at the royal family and the history of the 20th century.

Alta Mar – Season 2

In the 1940s, Eva and Carolina, two sisters from the bourgeoisie, travelled aboard a luxury ship linking Spain and Brazil.

Despite the risks, they agreed to hide a stowaway who feared for her life. The young woman will soon be murdered.  A murderer is prowling around on the boat, In this second season, the mystery thickens even more….

The End of the F***ing World – Season 2

Two years after the events of Season 1, Alyssa married a soulless warrior and James lives in his car with his father’s ashes as his only company.

A mysterious killer then went after them to avenge the murder they had committed when they were only 17 years old.

The two lovebirds then find themselves at square one: on the lost roads of England. This second confusing season is as successful as the first game unveiled at the end of 2017.

Atypical – Season 3

Sam Gardner is a teenager a little different from the others. He has been suffering from autism since birth. One day, however, he told his family that he wanted to have a girlfriend.

So Sam will do his best to seduce a young girl and live a normal life. Faced with their son’s emancipation, his parents will see their lives completely turned upside down. The third season of the series is available since November 1st.

Nous, la Vague – Season 1

In this new adaptation of Todd Strasser’s book The Wave, a group of high school students launch a libertarian political movement to fight against emerging nationalism in Germany.

The series takes a different look at fanaticism, authoritarianism and fascism than the excellent 2008 film “The Wave”.

We recommend this first season, available since Friday, November 1, which addresses very current themes, including activism.

The Best Netflix Movies To Watch This Weekend

L’Alchimie de Noël

A medieval knight named Sir Cole was propelled into our time by a curse. When he arrived in 2019, he quickly fell under the spell of Brooke, a disenchanted young science teacher. An unpretentious Christmas movie to watch by the fire surrounded by your loved ones.

L’oiseau Tempête

In Tokyo in the late 1980s, Lucy Fly (Alicia Vikander), a young Swedish translator, found herself accused of murder when her friend Lily disappeared overnight.

The two young women were indeed involved in a love triangle with an attractive Japanese photographer. Based on a novel by Susanna Jones, this thriller will make you sweat cold.

Un Safari pour Noël

After a painful divorce, a sophisticated New Yorker (Kristin Davis) decides to go on a safari in Africa. Arriving in Zambia, she will fall madly in love with her pilot Derek (Rob Lowe).

The two lovebirds will do everything to protect rare areas from a gang of dangerous poachers. This unpretentious romantic comedy will delight artichoke hearts above all.

Flocons D’amour

Based on the novel Let it snow by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle, the film tells the story of Gracetown, a small town hit by a snowstorm on Christmas Eve.

In the casting of the film, we find Kiernan Shipka, the heroine of “Sabrina’s New Adventures”. This is already the second Christmas movie put online by Netflix.

If you are not interested in these new productions, we recommend that you discover our top of the best Christmas films in the Netflix catalogue.

Le Roi

In this historical film produced by Netflix, Timothée Chalamet plays Henri V, king of England in spite of himself. This rebel at heart has the heavy task of continuing the wireless war initiated by his father between his country and France, led by Louis (Robert Pattinson), one of the sons of King Charles VI of France.

The feature film features a new version of William Shakespeare’s “Henry IV Part 1”, “Henry IV Part 2” and “Henry V”.

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