iOS 14: Apple Has Learned From All iOS 13 Bugs

Apple has decided to adopt a new organization in the development of iOS 14 that will allow it to avoid the serial bugs that ruined the launch of iOS 13.

Avoid repeated bugs, here is Apple’s new leitmotiv when it comes to developing iOS 14, its future operating system.

As Bloomberg reveals, Cupertino firm’s software manager, Craig Federighi, has implemented a new organization to make it easier to isolate bad pieces of code in order to fix them more quickly.

This initiative is motivated by a series of bugs that have marked the deployment of iOS 13 on iPhone. As The Verge reminds us, this version required eight updates to erase the malfunctions. It is therefore to avoid reliving these misadventures that Apple is initiating internal changes.

Isolate Bugs

From now on, apple developers will have flags at their disposal that they can enable or disable for each feature.

In concrete terms, this will allow them to make changes to the iOS 14 beta more easily since the corresponding flag will have to be activated for the new feature to be included in the system.

If a problem is detected, it will be enough to disable the responsible flag in order to isolate the bug and fix it more easily.

In The Footsteps of Google and Microsoft

This way of working has already been adopted for a long time by companies such as Google or Microsoft respectively on Chromium or Windows, among other platforms.

On paper, iOS 14 should therefore be much more stable than its predecessor upon deployment. With a little optimism, users can even expect a pleasant public beta to use.

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