Huawei’s HarmonyOS Will Be Available on More Devices in 2020

While we didn’t expect it for one or two years, Huawei’s OS, HarmonyOS, could arrive here by 2020 and on a large majority of products, not to mention smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Yesterday, at a conference in Shenzhen, we were able to learn more about HarmonyOS, the open source solution of Huawei’s operating system. Wang Chenglu, responsible for the software and business part of the Chinese company, gave some information about the OS. We now have a more concrete idea of the product’s release, as well as the equipment that can be equipped with it.

Available on All Devices….

Wang Chenglu only confirms what was already said at the Huawei Developer Conference last August. HarmonyOS will indeed be deployed on a majority of products manufactured by the brand. A first example already exists in China

Honor television, which was briefly observed last month. In addition to smart displays (in Shakespeare’s language), Huawei is planning to release his OS on vehicles, without anyone knowing more about it. In the long term, it is watches and connected speakers, but also virtual reality headsets that could embark HarmonyOS.

Like Android, Huawei’s home OS is designed to be open source. This is information that we have been aware of since the announcement, only the date of availability to developers still being a little unclear.

Wang Chenglu took the opportunity of the conference to announce that by next year, the company will open the platform to developers so they can start building from HarmonyOS. Other news, HarmonyOS could be available sooner than expected from us. Last August, Huawei mentioned a commissioning date close to 2021, or even 2022.

It is finally in 2020 that the OS could arrive, and not only in China since Europe is already in the brand’s plans. We can imagine that HarmonyOS should arrive in our country at the same time as the first intelligent TVs, whether from Huawei or Honor.

They Are Not Smartphones or Tablets

But contrary to what may have been thought, HarmonyOS is not intended to be deployed on smartphones or tablets. For this, Huawei already has an OS, or rather an interface that he has been developing for a few years: EMUI. The tenth version was also announced last August and is already present on the brand’s flagships, the P30 Pro, Mate 20 Pro and Mate 30 Pro.

Above all, the firm prefers to stick to Android as much as it can. However, this does not mean that HarmonyOS could not one day break into your Huawei phone. The OS is designed to run on any of the brand’s devices and, should Huawei no longer be able to use Android, HarmonyOS could be deployed in less than five days on a phone.

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