Huawei: The US Government Lifts The Embargo On Microsoft

For several months, Huawei has not been allowed to trade with American companies. This ban is now lifted for Microsoft.

The famous embargo that prevents Huawei from working with American suppliers, particularly Google and Microsoft, is beginning to ease.

After a first announcement in July, then the start of the validation process, and the first lifting of embargoes for some companies, here is the first large firm to be able to trade again with the Chinese giant.

The Huawei Matebooks Are Back

The Reuters news agency announces that Microsoft has received authorization from the US government to sell its mass market software to Huawei. The first of these programs that comes to mind is of course Windows.

This means that Huawei will once again be able to market machines with Windows 10, including its famous Matebook.

The US government has yet to analyze nearly half of the 300 embargo lifting files on its desk. It remains to be seen whether and when Google, and its Play Store, will be affected by this relaxation. This would allow Huawei to finally market its Mate 30 Pro in the West, with Google services.

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