Huawei Can Use Windows 10 Again on Its Matebook and Soon To Be Using Google Application?

Huawei has the right to use Windows 10 and Microsoft applications on his Matebook again. The Trump administration has just granted a licence to the Redmond firm to continue to provide its technologies and software to the Chinese manufacturer, which is still waiting for the green light to use Google services.

On November 20, the United States granted licenses to certain American firms to continue trading with Huawei.

The report initially released by Reuters did not specify the names of the companies that obtained the precious sesame.

However, Microsoft has just confirmed that it is part of the package. “We thank the Ministry of Commerce for responding to our request,” said a spokesperson for the firm. In concrete terms, Huawei has the right to use Windows 10 and Microsoft applications on its laptops again.

Huawei Is Still Hoping For Permission To Use Google Applications

Huawei’s Matebooks are an important part of his business, but it goes without saying that the Google license is by far the most expected by the company.

It blows from the hot and cold by alternating threats and conciliatory statements, but was honest to admit that replacing Android is far from being an easy task.

The outcome is still awaited on this side but in the meantime, the Microsoft license is already good to take for the company that has been forced to cancel the release of at least one new Matebook since the American sanctions.

In China, Huawei also had to replace Windows 10 with Linux on the new Matebooks sold on the local market. Currently, approximately 300 licence applications have been submitted to the US government, half (150) of which are currently being processed.

To date, a quarter of the applications have already been approved and the remaining 75 rejected. For Huawei, not everything is yet in place in the PC market, as the company is not allowed to use key components, including those provided by Intel.

We do not yet know if the foundryman is one of the companies that has obtained a derogation from the American government.


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