Honor MagicWatch 2: The Huawei Watch GT2 Changes Its Name and Improves Slightly

Honor (Huawei) continues to launch its connected objects in France. So here is the Honor MagicWatch 2 46mm, a Huawei Watch GT 2 renamed and more affordable. And that’s a good thing.


When it comes to connected watches and activity sensors, the differences between Huawei and Honor products are very small. As for activity sensors, it will be a bit of aesthetics and the disappearance of the integrated GPS, in order to offer a more competitive price.

For watches, the differences are limited to aesthetics. And even then, you have to squint to distinguish them. The Honor MagicWatch 2 46mm is therefore a replica of the Huawei Watch GT 2. Huawei’s expertise is back, with a slightly different dial but above all a more attractive launch price. Why not?

Ergonomics and Design

The differences between the Huawei Watch GT 2 and the Honor MagicWatch 2 46 mm are therefore minimal. They mainly concern the dial. The inscriptions on the screen therefore vary. The Watch GT 2 offers a series of numbers,

while the MagicWatch 2 also offers the inscription Tachymeter, with reference to the motion sensor on some watches. The finish of the upper side button has also been modified very slightly. A slight red line appears to dress the key.


The interface of the MagicWatch 2 46mm is identical to that of the Watch GT 2 46mm, itself identical to that of the original Watch GT (2018). So we find LiteOS and its problems. The operating system is slow, not very optimized for such a screen (1.39 inch, 454 x 454 px).

Two small innovations all the same, the presence of an Always-On mode and the absence of breaks in the notifications. This makes reading a little more enjoyable. On the other hand, still no emoticons. It is therefore possible to receive empty messages, as long as your interlocutor is fond of pictorial communication.


Like the other Huawei/Honor watches, there is a connection to Huawei Health, the Chinese manufacturer’s famous application. This time, unlike the Watch GT 2, we did not encounter any connection problems. The whole thing remains fluid. And since the experience is much the same as that of the original Watch GT, we advise you to consult the test of this one, available here.

Uses and Accuracy

The MagicWatch 2’s sports monitoring performance is identical to that of the Watch GT 2. We therefore find a heart rate monitor just as accurate whether it is during a gentle outing or a fractioned exercise. We recommend that you consult the Watch GT 2 test, detailing the results obtained.

Battery Life

The MagicWatch 2 offers excellent battery life. Despite intensive use with notification, sleep and heart rate monitoring, as well as daily physical activity, the watch lasts a week. This makes it an excellent companion that we only have to recharge once during the weekend. All the more practical as it only takes 2 hours to fully charge it with the supplied charging unit.


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