Have We Found Any Evidence of Life on Mars?

William Romoser, an insect study specialist, says that some photographs taken on Mars reveal evidence of life on the red planet.

“There was, and still is, life on Mars.” This statement is not that of a dreamer, or even a madman, but that of William Romoser, entomologist at the University of Ohio (United States).

On Tuesday, November 19, the highly respected insect expert said that shots taken on Mars confirm the presence of life on the planet.

An article in phys.org explains that Dr. Romoser has spotted images that appear to show fossilized creatures, but also living creatures. He found many examples of insect and reptile-like elements.

These are particular postures, signs of movement, escape, apparent interaction and bright eyes that allow the scientist to think that some insects are alive.


“Three body regions, a single pair of antennas and six legs are traditionally enough to establish identification as an insect on Earth,” says Dr. Romoser.

These characteristics must also be valid to identify an organism on Mars as similar to insects. On these bases, we can see insect-like shapes in the photos.”

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