Google Stadia: The Premiere Edition Will be Delivered Next Week

Google announced this Friday that it has sent all pre-orders for the Founder’s Edition of Google Stadia. The First Edition will start shipping next week.

This week was marked by the launch of Stadia, Google’s entry into the video game industry. If the launch was at the very least chaotic and full of announcements, delayed features and reviews of a “very promising beta”, Google announces that all people who pre-ordered its platform are now delivered.

In a tweet published this Friday, the firm announces that “if you pre-ordered and purchased the Founder’s Edition, you should now have your Google Stadia access code”. However, this only concerns the first wave of pre-order, which ended two months ago.

Last September, Google announced that Founder’s Edition had run out of stock and launched a second pre-order package called Premiere Edition.

This one included a white controller and not a black one and did not allow you to book your nickname in advance or to offer a friend a three-month subscription.

The Premiere Edition Package to Enjoy Stadia in Early Access

This second Premiere Edition package will therefore start to be delivered in turn, as Google announced in the same tweet: “pre-orders and access codes for the First Edition will start to be sent early next week”.

As a reminder, these two pre-order options are currently the only ways to access Google Stadia. The Stadia Pro fee-based package and the free Stadia Base will only be available from next year. It is always possible to buy the Stadia Premiere Edition offer for those interested.

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