Google Docs: Smart Compose is Coming To Help You Write Faster

Google introduced Smart Compose last year on its Gmail mailbox. A year later, the AI-powered predictive writing system landed on Google Docs, but initially in beta and for G Suite users.

The news will initially interest G Suite users: the Smart Compose predictive writing tool is beginning to appear on Google Docs.

Currently available in beta and only in English, this feature inherited from Gmail should become widespread in 2020 for all Google Docs users.

With a great deal of artificial intelligence, the latter aims to make writing more fluid by offering the user corrections or even brief turns of phrase, and this in a contextualized way. A good way to increase efficiency, especially on mobile phones.

The AI at Your Fingertips

As PhoneArena points out, Smart Compose will reduce repetitions in a text written on Google Docs. This functionality will also be able to offer spelling or grammatical corrections dynamically and especially according to the context of the sentences.

Google also promises that Smart Compose will enable the writing of “high quality” content. As it stands, Smart Compose’s suggestions will appear in grey and a simple swipe to the right will allow them to be adopted. On the web, however, you will need to press the Tab key to perform the same action. Just like on Gmail.

In its press release, Google states that this new feature will be available on the web to G Suite users. For those who are not interested in the concept,

the procedure to disable Smart Compose is also detailed. To do this, simply go to “Tools”, then “Preferences” and disable “Show Smart Compose Suggestions”.

Note that the Smart Compose tool has recently been introduced in test on Google’s Gboard keyboard and can be used on Google Pixel 3.

If Google were to permanently adopt this feature on its keyboards, then all Android users could benefit from it on their smartphones.

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