Google Chrome: The Ad Blocker Will Be Activated Worldwide In July 2019

Already present in North America and Europe, the blocker of abusive Google Chrome ads will be extended to the world next July, in accordance with the directive of the Coalition for Better Ads.

Google is ready to rid the world of advertisements considered abusive. The US giant has announced the worldwide deployment of its advertising blocker present in Google Chrome, reports Presse-Citron, Thursday.

This feature launched a year ago was until now only available in North America and Europe, follows the decision of the Coalition for Better Ads.

Google is following the directive of the Coalition for Better Ads, a group that joins the US company alongside Facebook or Microsoft.

It determines which types of ads are undesirable to the user. The Mountain View firm is relying on this standard to design its advertising blocker.

“Today, the Coalition for Better Ads has announced that it is expanding its initial standards beyond North America and Europe to cover every country in the world,” said one of Google’s representative on a blog.

Thus, the protection against abusive advertising will be extended around the world on July 9th.

Reduce The Influence Of Adblock Plus

This news should allow Google to better compete with AdBlock Plus ad blockers. These are shadowing the Internet giant by being more restrictive. However, the economic model of the American firm is based on online advertising.

Google is pleased with the results achieved in North America and Europe with its blocker of house ads.

Especially since the tool has put pressure on the actors of the web. “On January 1, 2019, two-thirds of all publishers who did not meet Better Ads standards are now in good standing.

In addition, of the millions of sites we have reviewed so far, less than 1% have seen their ads filtered, “said Google.

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