Google: A Scholarship Worth Of 26,000 Euros For A Girl Who Created A Dinosaur Doodle

Sarah Gomez-Lane, a 6-year-old American schoolgirl, won a contest organized by the American giant. His dinosaur Doodle seduced the jury.

A six-year-old girl attending a school in Falls Church, Virginia, USA, will receive her schooling funded in part by Google.

Sarah Gomez-Lane earned this privilege by drawing a dinosaur Doodle that animated Tuesday the American homepage of the American giant, reports Numerama.

A Drawing That Becomes An Animation

Created to celebrate occasional events (national holidays, birthdays, Olympic Games), Doodles are variations of the Google logo, which appear in place of it for a day.

For the last ten years, the Californian company has been offering schoolchildren to draw this animation.

This year, the theme submitted to school children was “What inspires me”. Sarah Gomez-Lane, who dreams of becoming a paleontologist, naturally chose the dinosaurs and seduced the jury.

She will receive a scholarship of 30,000 dollars (26,000 euros). “Sarah collaborated with the Doodle team to transform her work into a lively and interactive experience,” said Google.

$ 50,000 For The Little Girl’s School

A tyrannosaur rex playing the trumpet, a triceratops eating ice cream, a brachiosaur fan of blueberries, or a stegosaurus and his chewing gum: the doodle of the schoolgirl does not lack originality.

French Internet users could not enjoy it: the Doodle was only visible in the United States. In addition to the prize awarded to the girl, a sum of 50,000 dollars (43,000 euros), to be spent on technological equipment, was allocated to his school.

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