Gmail Will Let You Know When Your Colleagues Are Away Before You Write To Them

It can be frustrating to spend long minutes writing an email to a colleague, then realize, within seconds of sending it, that he or she is not available to answer.

To avoid these disappointments, Gmail now allows you to be notified when one of your contacts is absent.

You must have had a good time on an urgent e-mail. The kind of mail that needs to be particularly detailed, with the forms, the explanations, the context and everything that follows.

This type of e-mail you’re obviously hoping for an urgent response because you need it as soon as possible.

Above all, this kind of mail whose automatic answer is not waiting: “I am currently on leave and will come back in two weeks “.

To avoid this type of frustration — and the waste of time spent writing the email — Google announced the arrival of a new feature on Gmail and the Google suite.

In a blog post about her follow-up, Mountain View announces that when you write to a person who checked the “not in the office” box on an event in their calendar, you will be notified as soon as the email is written.

At the bottom of the editorial window, a small yellow banner will tell you that the person is absent, as well as their date of return.

This feature will be deployed from September 16th and will be enabled by default for all G Suite users.

It will, however, be possible to disable it if you do not want your colleagues to know that you are absent.

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