General Motor’s Electric Pickup Truck Finally Has a Release Date

Already mentioned earlier this year, General Motors’ electric pickup truck should arrive in the course of the 2021 vintage. To cross swords with serious competitors.

Friday, November 22nd seems to be the day of the electric pickup truck: Tesla has lifted the veil on its intriguing, but oh so exciting Cybertruck,

Lordstown tried to cut him off by presenting a few hours earlier its product with unknown characteristics, but at a “reasonable” price, and now General Motors is adding its little grain of salt by mentioning the release date of its future model.

In the Fall Fall

The group’s general manager, Mary Barra, reportedly raised the subject at an investors’ meeting shortly before Elon Musk’s conference. “General Motors includes truck owners.

And we also understand the market’s newbies who consider the pickup truck as a lifestyle vehicle,” she said on CNN’s TV set.

As for the release date, the fall of 2021 would have been preferred by the firm from across the Atlantic. This vehicle is part of a $7 billion global investment plan, as reported by Reuters on September 17.

The company also reiterated its short-term objectives, materialized by the marketing of twenty new zero-emission vehicles by 2023.

Truck, Do you want some? Here’s some…

The fact is that his pickup truck will have a lot to do in a market that is highly valued by other players. Ford should arm itself with an electric version of the popular F-150, when Rivian catapults its promising future R1T to the market in the fall of 2020.

Not to mention Tesla’s must-have Cybertruck, expected in 2022, and the expensive Bollinger B2, expected for the 2021 vintage. In short, pickup truck enthusiasts will have plenty of choices in the next three years.

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