Amazon Will Launch Its Streaming Gaming Platform in 2020

Amazon will launch its streaming gaming platform in 2020. According to a CNET report published on Wednesday, November 20, the web giant could also integrate Twitch into its future service.

While Google Stadia has just been launched as a monumental flop, a CNET article reports that Amazon could in turn launch into the cloud gaming with its own platform as early as 2020.

Previous web calls for applications had already given some clues about Amazon’s intentions. The web giant was looking to hire staff for a “new initiative” in its team at AWS, Amazon Web Service, the group’s division specializing in cloud computing.

Our colleagues from The Verge also found another recent announcement to find a “Principal product leader”, a product manager, for a “new AWS Gaming initiative”.

The call for applications does not reveal any details about the service, but still contains a statement from Amazon that says a lot about the company’s ambitions:”

We believe that the evolution that began with the communities around the arcade terminals, has grown towards steam and e-sport today, and will continue towards a future where everyone is a player and where all players can create, compete, cooperate, and connect with others on a massive scale.

In January 2019, the news agency The Information also discovered two explicit announcements from Amazon to find two engineers specialized in the “Cloud game” with the following message: “Amazon wants to promote new habits with streaming games in particular”.

Why is Amazon Right To Launch Into Cloud Gaming?

It’s hard to consider Amazon as a gaming oriented company, but the commercial giant has the experience and infrastructure to develop a cloud gaming platform.

With AWS, the American company benefits from a significant know-how in streaming and server hosting. As a reminder, Epic Games uses AWS to host Fortnite’s servers.

In addition, Amazon owns Twitch, the leader in streaming gaming. According to The Information, the American company would like to add the video streaming platform to its future cloud gaming service, similar to what Google wants to do with Youtube and Stadia.

Twitch is an excellent barometer to know the trendy games that attract crowds. Thanks to Twitch, Amazon would have valuable clues to develop exclusive titles that would tape players in front of their screens.

Moreover, this is not the first time Amazon has tried cloud gaming. By 2014, Amazon Games Studios teams had developed this little game where you had to hold a castle and fight against hordes of enemies.

The title was running on an Amazon Fire tablet and was streamed directly from the Amazon cloud. 5 years later, the company must have found that the cloud technology was reliable and mature enough to offer a service worthy of the name.

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