Amazon Is Accused of Cutting Thousands of Jobs in France

Mounir Mahjoubi, LREM deputy and former Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, has just published a study directly targeting Amazon.

He thus reveals that, for every 1 position created by Amazon, 2.2 jobs are actually lost. The main concerned are of course the local shops.

With Black Friday and the holiday season approaching, buyer fever is on the rise and many people are preparing to spend all or part of their pay on the Web.

According to the French federation of eCommerce players, the French are even expected to spend 20 billion euros this year.

On the other hand, one of the first online sales platforms (if not the first?) is in the sights of Mounir Mahjoubi, MP for the 19th arrondissement of Paris. Despite the expenses incurred by the French, Amazon would destroy more jobs than the company creates.

1,800 Permanent Contracts Created, But More Than 20,000 Jobs Lost

Very cynically entitled “Amazon: towards infinity and Pôle Emploi!” the former Secretary of State for Digital Technology points to Amazon.

According to his study, the company is responsible for the disappearance of several thousand jobs in France, despite the creation of 1,800 permanent employees since 2018.

Amazon will also be hiring 9,000 temporary workers during the holiday season. Insufficient, according to Mounir Mahjoubi, who states that “Amazon destroys more jobs than it creates.

For an equivalent turnover, its warehouses employ 2.2 times fewer employees than traditional traders. Its retail activity, i.e. excluding the Marketplace, potentially lost 10,400 jobs in local shops (in full-time equivalent). Marketplace included, that would be 20,200 fewer jobs.

In his post available on, the MP accused Amazon of ultimately cutting 7900 jobs in France, taking into consideration the jobs the company creates.

He also attacks the American giant by accusing him of automating all tasks. “The timed repetition of simple and mechanical gestures, the order pickers are physically and psychologically exhausted.

Considered today as robots, Amazon will replace these men and women with autonomous machines tomorrow. This scheme is not inevitable in e-commerce. Far from it. French SMEs also have online shops. And, above all, they are more human,” he says in his post.

Mounir Mahjoubi’s study is available here.

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